Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate joined the Empire in 590 ISC. when the North Peak treaty was reluctatly signed by Emperor Leonardo three day’s before his tragic death, bring an end to 120 years of bitter warfare the chosen of Heaven’s gate. The treaty states that Heaven’s Gate will submit to the rule of the Empire, and it’s laws but that the empire may maintain no perment settlements on Heaven’s Gate and that all mining and excavation was to be done only with the approvel of the chosen. Many Imperials still resent the treaty and consider it to be unfair however it should be noted that never has a request to excavate or mine Heaven’s Gate ever been rejected and that excavating on heaven’s gate has led to some fantastic discoveries including the resent discovery of the remains of the Eloria.




North Peak


During the day it is increadbly hot while at night it’s increadbly cold, regardless of the time of day Heaven’s Gate is very dry.


Heaven’s Gate is one big sandy desert broken only by jaged mountains and ancient ruins.



Islander (Chosen)


Imports: None

Exports: Anceint artifacts, precious metal

Heaven's Gate

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