Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle became part of the Empire in 468 ISC. when the seven preistesses of Durzi conviced the assembled islander armies their that continued resistance would mean only death and that Imperial rule would be the best course for the people. Imeadately following the signing of the peace accord Emperor Yao IX ordered the Emerald Isle to be the staging area for a war against the main land that would last 45 years. During wich time several Imperial towns where built to accomodate the legions and their families, three of these towns still stand and serve as a home to the island’s Imperial population. As for the Islanders they are today as they where then, quiet sheperds and craftsmen going about their lives in peace.


Aprox. 1,500,000 (20% Imperial 80% Islander)


Legion Home


The Emerald Isle recives rain and sun in roughly equal preportions, snowfall is rare but not unheard of in the winter months. The tempreture is fairly consistant with that of the mainland.


Rolling hills and old growth forests define the terain on the Emerald Isle, springs and rivers flowing from some of the larger hills provide all the water needed for a a farmers life and still easily provide for the great Imperial towns.





Imports: none

Exports: Wool, Lumber, Precious Metal, Wine

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Emerald Isle

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