Crescent Isle

The Crescent Isle joined the Empire in 514 ISC. when it became clear that the Essarians where to be the dominate power in the region. In the years since the Crescent isle has enjoyed economic prosperity and peace. A popular destination for every one from scoundrals to Imperial nobles, the Crescent Isle has alot to offer travlers. White sandy beaches surround the isle on all sides, and just in from the beaches are the resort towns: a ring of inns, taverns, tea houses, gambling houses, and the occasional brothel that cater to all walks of life. Continuing in from the resort towns are the moonflower meadows surrounding the Imperial city of Akimor. Akimor is a relitivly small capital housing Imperial officials and thier family’s. In addition due to the luxiorus life style that make the Crescent Isle such a popular destination with visitors the island has seen a large number of Aero adventurers seeking a sort of quiet retirement on the Crescent Isle.


9,000,000 Resedents + nearly 100,000 visitors (45% Imperial, 30% Islander, 20% Aero, 5 % other)


Wulon’s Hold


Warm days and cool nights with clear sky’s are the norm on the Crescent Isle, with little varation in tempreture from summer to winter.


A white sand beach surrounds the Crescent Isle, and it’s a short walk up the sand bank to the Moonflower Meadows, a large crescent meadow covered with Lunefeur a large brilliant silver-white flower that only opens its petals on nights with a full moon.




Aero Settlers



Imports: Lumber, Raw Metals,

Exports: Honey, Silk

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Crescent Isle

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