Coral Isle

The Coral Isle became part of the Essarian Empire, following thier total defeat by the 14th legion in 530 ISC. In the years following that defeat the people of the coral isle have revolted twice, once in 817 and once in 929, both revolutions were ended by house Chinsae guard working in conjunction with islander loyalists. Tensions have always run high between the Islanders found on the Coral Isle and the ruling Imperials. Despite the high tension and bloody past the Coral Isle is still a favorite tourist destination due to it’s increadible coral reef.


2,000,000 (28% Imperial, 62% Islander, 10% Other)


Coral City


The Coral Isle enjoys a mild climate with a healthy rainfall.


Mt. Welkai stands at the center of the Coral Isle and the 7 rivers that feed the reef and sustain the crops flow from that mountain. The most obvious and impressive terain feature is the great corral reef and the reef lakes that allow it to grow.


Islander (loyalist)

Islander (reactionary)



Imports: Precious Metal, Raw Metal, Silk

Exports: Coral, Wine

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Coral Isle

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